Garment Care

Although our British Beck Brow Alpaca yarn is strong and hard wearing we do recommend that you take good care of your garment to maintain its fabulous feel. Problems associated with matting and shrinkage are easily avoided; usually caused by too much agitation combined with heat…the key is not to over handle in the washing process. However the quality of the yarn will impact on its durability, hence our reliance on expert craftsman in the spinning process.

We have our yarn used for our woven products spun tightly to improve its strength and thus its durability. Most woven products can be machine washed on a wool cycle and dried flat (not on direct heat i.e radiator or stove). If choosing to machine wash we recommend placing scarves and wraps in pillow cases and throws inside a duvet cover. A non-biological washing powder must be used. Many of our knitted products may also be machine washed (see individual item description). We cannot take responsibility for poorly washed items.

Where items are recommended for hand wash, wash at 30 degrees using Woolite (or similar product). Gently wash do not agitate, just leave to soak for 10 minutes. Items may be spun in the washing machine (wool spin speed) dry flat (again not on direct heat). Fabric conditioner can be used although is not recommended, a drop of hair conditioner leaves a less sticky finish!

Items may also be dry cleaned.

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