A Supreme Show Season 2023 for Beck Brow Alpacas

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What a show season we have had…three halter shows entered and three SUPREME CHAMPIONS…with three different alpacas.

British Alpaca Society National Show 2023

Craig and Garry ring stewards at BAS National Show 2023

BAS National Show 2023

From the start of the birthing season every year the BAS National Show is always on our mind…it’s a case of constantly considering who will make the show team for the following spring halter classes. However, for the first time in many years, we didn’t have a show team to select for the Nationals. Not only did I not have to choose my own entries but I couldn’t look at anyone else’s either…

Yes, it was undoubtedly an honour to be selected by the exhibitors to be one of the four halter judges for the BAS National Show, but I did miss the excitement of being an exhibitor and mixing with other breeders. I had the pleasure of co-judging the males with Amanda VandenBosch (USA) whilst Natasha Clark (Aus) and Roger Clarke (N.Ire) co-judged the females. Craig had the pleasure of ring stewarding for Natasha and Roger (you just can’t keep him out of the ring!)

Judges of  BAS National Show 2023

North West Alpaca Group Championship – Judge: Julia Corrigan-Stuart

So it was that the NWAG Alpaca Championships was the first show of the season. We did take a large show team which meant Craig and our friend Kim were running for the ring ready to get the next alpaca to go in. We had a fantastic show:


Black Male Champ: Beck Brow Never Missed a Trick

Black Female Champ: Beck Brow Take A Chance

Brown Female Champ: Beck Brow The Movie Star

Brown Male Champ: Beck Brow Ready or Not

Fawn Male Champ: Beck Brow Just The Business

Beck Brow Just The Business

Light Male Champ: Beck Brow Money Talks

Light Female Champ: Beck Brow Round of Applause

White Res Champ: Beck Brow Light Up The Room

White Male Champ; Best of British; Supreme Champion: Beck Brow Centre Stage

Beck Brow Centre Stage – Supreme Champion NWAG


Suri (3 entered)

Champion Fawn Female: Beck Brow Angel Eyes

Champion Brown Male; Judge’s Choice; Best of British: Beck Brow Suri Quest

Best Appaloosa: Beck Brow Bish Bosh


Beck Brow Suri Quest – NWAG


Heart of England Fiesta – Judge: Roger Clarke

The HoE Fiesta is a very competitive halter show held over three days…it is also 6 hours away on a clear run. However, with no National Show for us, we decided we needed to head South to compete against those breeders who hadn’t attended NWAG. Craig and I travelled in convoy with two trailer loads of alpacas. Thankfully we had a great journey down with no hold-ups.

What a great show this was…such camaraderie with top prizes switching backwards and forwards between herds. I have to say us northerners were made to feel very welcome…but by the time we arrived home, we decided it might not be a trip for every year!

Winning Progeny Group

Main prizes…


Res Champion Brown Female: Beck Brow The Movie Star

Res Champion Brown Male: Beck Brow Hold on Tight

Champion Fawn Female: Beck Brow Sweet Bedlam

Res Champion Fawn Male: Beck Brow Just The Business

Champion Light Female; Best of British; Supreme Champion Beck Brow Round of Applause

Beck Brow Round of Applause – Fiesta Supreme Champion

Res Champion Light: Beck Brow Wheels on Fire

Champion White Male: Beck Brow Centre Stage

Suri (2 entered)

Champion Fawn Female: Beck Brow Angel Eyes

Beck Brow Angel Eyes

Best Appaloosa: Beck Brow Bish Bosh

We also won the: Light Sire’s Progeny Class: Bozedown Blaze of Glory and….Most Successful Large Breeder

After a few days of rest, we were ready for shearing the following weekend….

Stokesly Show (Halter Classes) – Judge Tim Hey

We don’t often exhibit at the smaller agricultural shows these days but with the inaugural alpaca halter classes at Stokesly, we wanted to give our support in their first year. We took a team of nine Huacaya (I say we… it was Craig helped by Jamie) and the team did us proud again …

Black Res Champ: Beck Brow Never Missed A Trick

Brown Champion Female: Beck Brow The Movie Star

Brown Champion Male; Judge’s Choice: Beck Brow Hold On Tight

Beck Brow Hold on Tight – Stokesly Judges Choice

Light Champion Male: Beck Brow Money Talks

Light Champion Female: Beck Brow Save Your Kisses

White Res Champion Female: Beck Brow Light Up the Room

Champion White Male; Best of British; Supreme Champion: Beck Brow Moving On Up

Beck Brow Moving On Up – Stokesly Supreme

Last but not least Hettie won the Junior Handler class but unfortunately, we missed taking any photos!

Alpaca Halter Classes

We have loved every minute of showing our alpacas in these three halter shows this year. Yes, it is nice to have won some big prizes but that is with a few years under our belts. What we love is the camaraderie, catching up with everyone and talking with like-minded alpaca addicts!

I would encourage anyone who is interested to get involved. The agricultural shows are a good way to start, lower numbers mean that most alpacas get oral reasoning (feedback) which is helpful. A great way to learn and a fantastic way to make friends.



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