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Are you looking for alpacas for sale from one of the UK’s premier alpaca breeders?

As top prize winning alpaca breeders, Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria are recognized as having one of the country’s premier herds, providing alpacas for sale and stud services. Alpaca training courses and on-going support is also provided.

Alpacas for Sale

Based in Cumbria, Beck Brow are alpaca breeders with a prize winning alpaca herd.  The farm is home to multiple supreme champion winning stud males as well as top level females. With a breeding programme that contains an impressive selection of different genetics and colours, we usually have alpacas for sale to meet most requirements. We may also have pet boys for sale, however these usually go very quickly.

Alpaca Breeders and Stud Services

As an Alpaca breeder, we offer elite stud services, and have a selection of prize-winning  Huacaya and Suri stud males available. We firmly believe in only using males with proven genetics and those with the most desirable traits. Consequently, only the males we consider to be amongst the best in the UK make it on to our list of studs.  While we aim to breed alpacas with excellent fleece and conformation traits, we also want our alpacas to be friendly and easy to handle. We know that every breeding decision has to count, and it is for this reason that we are happy to share our expertise when choosing the best stud for your female.

Alpaca Show Success

Our core herd at Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria has been carefully selected to include some of the best genetics available in the UK. Our carefully researched breeding programme has resulted in the Beck Brow herd achieving excellent show success. Broad ribbons have been achieved at the highest levels, most noteworthy being the awarding of numerous BAS National Show Championships. Showing alpacas is great fun, even more so when you consider all the friends you make along the way. The British Alpaca Society National Show is an ideal opportunity to get a taste of the alpaca world. We are again proud to be Gold Sponsors of the show.

Alpaca Courses and Support

Beck Brow Alpacas pride ourselves on the level of support we give to new breeders, which includes alpaca courses as well as on-going care. Our blog gives regular updates from the farm, while providing an opportunity to learn from our experiences. Beck Brow is situated between junctions 41 and 42 of the M6. This makes us conveniently situated for those travelling from Scotland and the North of England. Why not give us a call and arrange a visit. We love to talk alpaca, consequently, advice and support are always available. This includes help with the initial farm set up.

Barbara & Paul

Members of The British Alpaca Society

Beck Brow Alpaca Experience

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The Alpaca Halter Shows 2021

A return of the alpaca halter shows for Beck Brow We welcomed the return of the alpaca halter shows this autumn. It was great to see everyone and their alpacas and to see how we fared in the ring against others after such a long spell off  (some alpacas were entering the ring for the […]

A New Stud Joins Beck Brow Alpacas

Having spent a number of years searching for the next coloured stud male to work alongside our Goldmine and Samurai genetics, we are delighted to introduce:                                              Limestone Red sire: Softfoot Koo Wee Rup […]

Beck Brow Mykonos – BAS National Show Elite Classic Alpaca Auction Lot

Due to Covid-19, the auction is now cancelled – Congratulations to Bingfield Alpacas on their private purchase of Beck Brow Mykonos!   Beck Brow Alpacas are delighted to offer Beck Brow Mykonos up for bids at the British Alpaca Society National Show Classic Elite Auction 2020.  The auction of five select lots (plus 2 wild […]

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Birthing Season at Beck Brow 2021

Birthing Season at Beck Brow 2021

Birthing at Beck Brow Alpacas Well, that’s the birthing season finished for yet another year at Beck Brow. It always brings with it mixed emotions. The anticipation each day of cria being born is gone. The excitement and expectation with every new arrival will have to wait until next year. However, it usually takes a […]

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  29/08/2021   No comments
Birthing & Breeding at Beck Brow Alpacas

Birthing & Breeding at Beck Brow Alpacas

At last time for a ctach up. Following on from my last blog…   Shearing As mentioned in my January blog our shearing was booked for early April. We saw the benefits of shearing before birthing in 2020 and decided to repeat the experience. We ordered in lots of straw for housing overnight in our […]

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  02/06/2021   1 comment
Winter at Beck Brow Alpacas

Winter at Beck Brow Alpacas

No review of the year for 2020… I am not sure why that is…let me think…oh yes, we haven’t been up to much! Snow at Beck Brow Far from true of course, because work on the farm has continued very much as normal. Snow and ice have kept us busy filling up haylage racks, mucking […]

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  17/01/2021   No comments